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Synchronous Rollup Fields and Routing Rules, Anyone?

I just love the new Rollup fields in CRM 2015, but when I demo the software, I do not like the delay between changing the underlying values in the child records and the automatic asynchronous update scheduled to run some … Continue reading

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Generating Sample Data for Dynamics CRM – Chapter 1

If you work in presales, like I do, you may want to showcase the self-service BI capabilities of Dynamics CRM, or use PowerBI for even richer visual exploration of data. The problem is: quite often the sample data in our … Continue reading

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Rollup Fields for Meaningful Account Hierarchies

As a sales manager, you might want to take a look at a complex account that has multiple subsidiaries, with insight into the consolidated sales situation. A hierarchical visualisation such as the following is nice to have: You can accomplish … Continue reading

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Opportunities: Calculated Fields for Cool Views and Maps

I normally like to include City and Country fields on the Views for Opportunities and Cases, to enable an easy export to Excel for PowerBI mapping. In CRM 2013, we could add the City and Country of the related Account … Continue reading

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The Future of CRM with Bob Stutz, Microsoft

Got to love Bob’s take on life – CRM will be dead soon: Well worth a watch / listen.

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CRM 2015 Released!

Well, I guess yesterday’s release of CRM 2015 (see Bob Stutz’ blog post) was just the energy boost I needed to pick up blogging again. CRM 2015 makes great strides in marketing, sales and customer service – and from a … Continue reading

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